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Deafness toolkit

Deafness Toolkit Logo

Deafness claims have quadrupled since 2008; the advent of a claims portal for RTA and lower value EL and PL claims accompanied by a fixed recoverable costs regime for those claims has led to a huge surge in farmed, long-tail disease claims, particularly in relation to deafness, as Claimant legal practices and their funders look to replace falling income and profits with more lucrative work.

Managing the surge in NIHL claims

The DWF deafness toolkit is designed to assist in handling NIHL claims.  Assessing claims validation, the deafness toolkit can also be used as an anti-fraud resource. By combining a useful set of calculations and functions the toolkit can ensure accurate reserves and swift resolution on deafness claims.

Key features

  • Determine whether the diagnostic requirements for NIHL are satisfied.

  • Obtain an estimate for general damages based on the expert’s and the toolkit’s respective assessments of NIHL.

  • Potentially fraudulent or exaggerated claims will be highlighted.

  • Access a real time view of claims performance and outcomes.

  • Findings will be backed up by robust data and MI.

Find out more

For further details, download the full product brochure.

For a free demo of the deafness toolkit please speak to your usual DWF contact(s) or alternatively contact:

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