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News & Updates


Scotland Update

For further information please contact Andrew Lothian, Head of General Insurance (Scotland) on 0131 474 2305, Caroline Coyle, Associate, Professional Support Lawyer Insurance on 0141 228 8132 or Jill…

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The Court of Appeal recently found that solicitors were negligent in not giving a specific warning that their interpretation of the legislative basis for a tax avoidance scheme might be wrong.

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Jackson in action

In our regular monthly round up of cases we look at the effects of the changes to the Civil Procedure Rules under the Jackson Reforms:

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Insurance Catastrophic BIG 100mmSq

Predictive Modelling - SCI

As many of you will know I am a member of the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine. My membership includes access to the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

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Insurance Catastrophic BIG 100mmSq

Brain/Computer Interface

A considerable amount of cutting edge research is being undertaken in relation to the creation of a brain / computer interface for use with, specifically, upper limb control. I recently had the honour…

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