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Local Authority

Find out more about DWF's Local Authority litigation team.


Long awaited portal rules

On 1 July, the MOJ finally published the final versions of the new RTA and EL/PL protocols for claims up to £25k and the rules and practice directions relating to their introduction, including the new…

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Impact on new claims notifications

We provide an up to date look at what is currently happening in terms of changes to claimant business models and working practices that will impact on the production of new claims and as a result the…

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Claims volumes: Two months on from J-Day

Here we are now two months on from implementation of some of the main planks of the Jackson Reforms. It’s timely to look at how the Reforms are affecting claims frequencies and to look at current and…

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Latest news from MoJ and Portal Company

The MoJ wants to make us better informed on portal developments as we move towards late July when the RTA portal will be extended, and the EL and PL portal introduced. They were right to see that time…

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